Hello and welcome to my blog Rock For Disability. I bet when you first entered this site your immediate questions were who is this Emma Purcell and what is Rock For Disability about? Well here it is…

Emma is my name and writing is my game! Rockin’ to some tunes, laughing with my mates and a Pompey fan til’ I die!

Emma Purcell

Yes my name is Emma Purcell. I was born on 18 January 1994 and currently live in Alton, Hampshire in England.

I was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and Acute Retinal Necrosis, meaning I’m registered blind. I have no sight in my right eye and approximately 20% sight remaining in my left eye. I use a powered wheelchair, have specialist prescription glasses to improve my sight slightly and dependent on carers.

I have a journalism degree and have a passion for music. My dream job is to become a music journalist. I love rock and alternative music and regularly attend gigs and festivals.

In this blog, I share everything about my life & disability; the ups and downs of being disabled, the difficulties of relying on carers, what it’s like to live with sight loss, my journey to become a journalist and sharing my adventures of social and leisure activities! 

I also feature music news, reviews and interviews of all things rock and alternative music.

As well as my blogging, you can explore my freelance work including articles and videos for Disability Horizons and AccessAble.

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Many thanks

Emma Purcell BA

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