My summary of July 2019

“Summer is here once again so I’m told. But you won’t catch me in my shorts” ~ Kasabian

July has been a hot, sticky and sunny month, which isn’t my favourite kind of weather. However I’ve powered on through working, travelling and socialising.

Disability Horizons

As I mentioned last month, I’ve begun to write some more news reporting content for the online magazine.

Basically, on each day I go through the internet, e-newsletters, press releases, television and radio in search for disability-related stories which I then turn into news articles.

Also after 7 years as a writer, I’ve been given the honour and privilege to access Disability Horizons’ admin page so I can upload, edit and publish articles onto the website independently.

For the first two weeks I managed to publish every day but this week I’ve had to step back to focus on a featured article, video and other commitments.

You can view my news articles so far in the blog roundup below.

In addition to my news content, last weekend I visited Belle Aire Holiday Park in Hemsby, Norfolk to review their new accessible caravan. It was a lovely weekend and I will be publishing a review and video on Disability Horizons soon.


I’ve also been busy in my role as AccessAble Champion.

In June, I emailed several local councils in Hampshire to arrange a meeting to discuss the benefits of access guides and persuading them to fund guides in their local area.

Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council responded quickly and arranged meetings with us. I will share details on how these meetings went next week.

Portsmouth City Council initially agreed to meet with us but about a week later, they cancelled because they’ve already commissioned with another disability organisation. I had a look at this other company’s website and they appear to only focus on wheelchair users and other visible disabilities but not hidden or learning disabilities. I was very disappointed with this, being born and raised in the Portsmouth area and frequently still visit there. We hope we can try get them to reconsider soon.

Blogging opportunity at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A few weeks ago I applied for a blogging opportunity at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. However I’ve decided my mission for next summer is to organise a trip to Scotland and attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Care search

As usual, my search for a decent carer continues. Although I do have a care agency trying to find me carers, I decided to also take my own initiative and source potential carers too.

If you, or someone you know, is a self-employed live in carer seeking work, please read my job description and email me if interested.

Drama Production

At the beginning of July, I performed in the summer production with my drama group at the West End Centre. Overall the performance went well but I had a minor embarrassing moment.

In my second scene, I had to go off stage then come back a minute later. However because the spotlights were so bright, I mis-judged were the exit was and accidentally ended up the other side of the stage and had to just stand in the corner until I came back on.

I think part of the problem was we never had a chance to rehearse with the stage lighting. For our upcoming Christmas performance, I’m going to request we have a rehearsal with the lights before performance night. Alternatively I’ll try be cast a role where I’m on stage for the entire show.

Has any other visually impaired actors had a similar problem and how did you resolve it?

Summer BBQ

Two weekends ago, I hosted my annual summer BBQ where I invited all my friends over. Because we all live around the country, its very rare to see all my friends together. Plus my house isn’t big enough for 20+ people but my garden is – so summer is the best time to do it.

Live Music

I had my third trip to Wembley Stadium this year to see British rock legends, The Who.

However, I do feel slightly nostalgic over the fact I literally have no future gigs or festivals lined up for the remainder of 2019. I’m hoping I will do soon but it depends on carers and availability.

If anyone can suggest any local events over the summer I could check out, let me know.


This month I got to see the musical-comedy Yesterday about a musician who has a bike accident and wakes up to discover no one has heard of The Beatles. It was a good-feel movie with love, emotion and laughter.


Well I can definitely say my prediction of an England v Germany FIFA Womenn’s World Cup final was completely wrong. But I would say USA were deserving winners.

The best TV series of the decade finally returned to Netflix this month. Stranger Things. I won’t give any spoilers but – amazing, amazing, AMAZING!!!

I’ve also begun the final series of Orange is the New Black. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 4 series but was disappointed with 5 & 6 and slightly surprised when they announced a seventh. However “m still curious to know how it ends.

Blog post roundup

In case you missed any of my blog posts this month, here is a roundup of them:

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5 Favourite Blog Posts

Here are my 5 favourite blog posts I’ve read this month:

1. 5 ways I’m kinder to myself now that I’m in my 30s by Kirsty at Unseen Beauty

2. Disabled Barbie Dolls & Inclusive Toys Promote Social Inclusion by Emma at Simply Emma

3. Tills Vs Wheelchair – Little Sea Bear by Shannon & Sophie at The Life of Sophie

4. It’s Summer by Gemma at Wheelescapades

5. Hello! By Heather at Indypendent

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2 thoughts on “My summary of July 2019

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post. Thanks too for telling us about Disability Horizons. I enjoyed Stranger Things too and was especially happy that they had audio description for it.

  2. You’re welcome. Yes Stranger Things is incredible. I managed to binge watch it in 2 days. Thank goodness for AD otherwise I wouldnt have had a clue what was happening! Xx