5 most popular music blog posts

Due to my busy schedule last week, which you’ll find out more about soon, I have not had ttime to write a new music blog post.

However, I thought today I would recap my 5 most popular music blog posts so far:

1. 5 songs that motivate me


Music is my one and only true best friend! It is always there with me, I have total faith in it & it never fails to give me happiness, encouragement and pure joy! 

This was a Facebook status I wrote back in 2013 and those thoughts have stuck with me ever since. Having cerebral palsy and registered blind does come with its challenges, both physically and mentally. But music is what keeps me going. I listen to it everywhere; at home, in the car, when I’m working, on television, in films, at theatre productions and, of course, at gigs & festivals.

A powerful part of music is the lyrical aspect. Many songs bring hope, understanding, emotions, positivity and motivation. Therefore I want to share 5 songs that have motivated me to be positive, look for success and except my life for what it is:Continue reading >>>

2. Album Review: Erratic Cinematic by Gerry Cinnamon

Gerry Cinnamon with guitar

This album makes me feel relaxed and want to chill out but at the same time have a dance and sway my arms in the sunshine. It has a summery vibe and great festival-feel style... Continue reading >>>

3. Review: Bon Jovi at Wembley Stadium

Bon Jovi on stage at Wembley Stadium

On Friday 21st June, American rock legends Bon Jovi took centre stage at Wembley Stadium for the first time in several years. The entire show was “Absolute Perfection!”Continue reading >>>

4. Review: The Who at Wembley Stadium

The Who

British rock legends The Who performed at Wembley Stadium on Saturday for the first time in 30 years.Continue reading >>>

5. Music Interview: The King of Mars

The King of Mars

Today I welcome you The King of Mars; an American band with a modern twist on the old school sound of rock n’ roll. This is definitely my favourite new music discovery of the year so far:Continue reading >>>

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