Disability Horizons News Roundup: 15 -19 July 2019

This week a milestone moment happened in my role as writer for Disability Horizons.

I’ve been given access to the website admin page to self publish latest news and press releases for the online magazine.

Our long-term aim is to become a regular news platform for the disability community as well as giving disabled people a voice.

This is a great honour and privilege for me with a lot more responsibility.

Every week, I will share a roundup of the news headlines I’ve published on the online magazine over the past week.

I would appreciate it if you could read, comment and share these articles and continue to support the work of Disability Horizons.

Disability Horizons News Roundup: 15 -19 July 2019

Festival of Inclusive Tennis 2019 – come along, join in and have fun

Tennis ball

Festival of Inclusive Tennis 2019 takes place on Saturday 20th July at Cambridge University Sport Centre – inclusive for everyone of all ages and abilities…. Continue reading >>>

Share your experiences of social care services


CQC and CSA are running surveys to let people share experiences of social care services. Find out how you can have your say in the future of social care… Continue reading >>>

How to get involved in Changing Places awareness day

Changing places awareness day

Changing Places awareness day is an annual event on 19 July. Find out more about the campaign and how to get involved in Changing Places awareness day to help campaign for more accessible toilets... Continue reading >>>

Disabled people are hardest hit because of changes to the welfare system

British money bank notes

A report by the Disability Benefits Consortium, ‘Has welfare become unfair – the impact of changes on disabled people’, looks at how disabled people are hardest hit because of changes to the welfare system... Continue reading >>>

Cake shop chain admits access failings and makes immediate changes

Access Changes Required!

A cake shop chain admits access failings following a disability campaigner raised concerns when she couldn’t access three of its six London stores. Continue reading >>>

Brain implant restores partial vision to six blind people

Eyes looking forward

Partial sight has been restored to six blind people via a brain implant that transmits video images directly to the brain... Continue reading >>>

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