Music Interview: Shattered

Today I want to introduce to you Florida based heavy metal band, Shattered: _________________________________________________________ Band Name: Shattered Members: Tony Pettry (Rhythm Guitar), Shawn Connor (Drums/percussion), Tony Weaver (Lead gutiar) + a lead vocalist and bassist. Genre: Heavy Metal Founded: 2014 Originated From: Tampa, Florida USA Discography: “Pride” (EP). _________________________________________________________ 1. How would you describe your… Continue reading Music Interview: Shattered


Blogger Q&A: My Answers

Last month I launched a blogger Q&A where people can have the opportunity to ask me anything. Today I’m going to share the questions I received from followers and fellow bloggers and reveal my answers. These questions are in no particular order but just in the order I received them: 1. If you could have… Continue reading Blogger Q&A: My Answers

How It All Began – The Story of Tarah Who?

A docu-series about independent bands, the music industry today, women in music, rock’n roll and much more…! Featuring Thomas Lang, Jason Orme ( Alanis Morissette), Erica Torres (Frequency Within), Yur Mum ( UK) , Dry Can ( FR) and many more..! The Story of Tarah Who? Tarah Who? is an independent band founded by Tarah… Continue reading How It All Began – The Story of Tarah Who?