25 memories in 25 years

On this day 25 years ago, a baby girl called Emma was born. For the past quarter of a s century, she has lived an extraordinary life. On here she is best known as the founder, creator and author of this blog… me!

Emma Purcell

To honour my birthday, I want to share my 25 favourite memories over the past 25 years:

1. My first pet, Hunnybunny, the rabbit

This has to be one of my earliest memories. When I was a toddler, we had a large grey pet rabbit named Hunnybunny. I am not sure how or why she was called that. I enjoyed stroking her and feeding her carrots. Then one day I was told she had moved away and flown up in her hutch into the sky to bunny heaven. Of course, when I got older, I discovered the truth that she was killed by a fox and her body disappeared…. poor bunny! 🐰

2. My first powered wheelchair

When I was 3 years old I was given my first powered wheelchair through a disability charity and it was presented by first team members of Portsmouth FC. It was a bright green outdoor chair that I walked to school in and go to the park and play football in. Unfortunately, at aged 7, I had to give it away because I grew out of it. It was, and still is the best wheelchair I have ever had.

3. Appearing in the local paper

When I was 7, my Dad was in the Royal Navy. I cannot remember the full details but I think a military charity gave us money for me to have an adapted wet room and we were featured in The Portsmouth News newspaper. Over a decade on, I have been lucky to do two work placements at the paper and had written pieces published.

4. Dressing up my wheelchair at school

My favourite memory at primary school was dressing up my wheelchair on fancy dress days. At Christmas 2001, I dressed up as Santa in his sleigh.

Emma dressed up as Santa in his sleigh

In Spring 2003, I dressed up as Michael Schumacher, the F1 driver in a F1 racing car.

Emma dressed up as an F1 driver

5. Family holiday to Florida

In February 2004, we went on a dream holiday to Florida where we went to Disney World, Universal Studios, NASA Space centre plus much more.

Emma and family with mickey mouse at disney world

6. Attending first school disco

In my final year of primary school, I attended our leavers school disco. It was great fun with lots of party food, music, dancing and spending time with friends before we went our seperate ways to secondary school.

7. Joining a drama group

When I was aged 10 I joined my first drama group. It was a great experience which has inspired me to continue joining theatre groups into adulthood. Plus my first group is where I met my best friend who I have known for almost 14 years.

8. Collecting our family dog Sasha from a rescue centre

Sasha the dog

When I was 12, and after me pestering for a while, my family surprised me with the news we are getting a dog. I never forget the day I met Sasha at the kennels and how excitable she was. Thirteen years on, she is still as mad as a hatter.

9. My first week at boarding school

In 2008, I began as a student at Treloar school and became a weekly boarder. It was great fun living away from home and being able to make ever-lasting friendships.

10. Residential school trip to Cornwall

While at Treloar school, we got the chance to go on a residential trip to Cornwall where we got to take part in outdoor activities including abseiling, boat riding and country walking.

11. Attending my first live concert

At aged 15 I attended my first live concert which set me on the path to becoming a live music fanatic.

12. Joining in the rebellious strip night at school

This has to be the ultimate highlight on my school days. It was basically a very funny and slightly inn-appropriate game of truth or dare. Click here for full details.

13. Attending the FA Cup Final at Wembley

Emma in Pompey shirt, holding foam finger at wembley stadium

In 2010, I attended the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium between Portsmouth and Chelsea. It had an incredible atmosphere, I was given audio described live commentary and the view was spectacular. Just a shame about the result.

14. Getting my GCSE results

After a crazy and stressful couple of years full of lessons, coursework, revision and exams,

I finally secured my GCSE results. My proudest moment was getting an A in English (which shows why I love writing).

15. My 18th birthday night out

My first proper night out drinking alcohol was amazing. Lots of laughs, singing, dancing and maybe some vomit. That night will always be remembered by me singing along to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

16. Trip to New York

Emma and family near the empire state building

Also for my 18th, I went to New York for a few days. It was a buzzing and vibrant place and I’m eager to explore it more one day.

17. Visiting the Harry Potter film studios

Emma and family in the great hall with Dumbledore

I have been lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter studios 3 times: twice in 2012 and a third at Christmas 2017. Every time I go, there is always more to explore.

18. My first music festival

In summer 2012, I attended my first music festival at Reading Festival. It was the greatest live music experience of my life and have attended a music festival every summer since.

19. My first published article at Disability Horizons

Since the age of 11, I have had ambitions to become a journalist. Then aged 18, my dream became real when my first ever article was published on online magazine Disability Horizons. Since then I have become a regular and loyal writer for them for over 6 years with more projects to come this year.

20. Getting my A-Level results

After another crazy and stressful couple more years full of lessons, coursework, revision and exams,

I finally secured my A-Level results. The next stage was then university.

21. Being bridesmaid at my friends wedding

Emma with bride, groom and other bridesmaid

A moment I will treasure forever is being asked by one of my college friends to be their bridesmaid at their wedding. It was a wonderful day and they are such a lovely couple.

22. Graduating from university

Emma at graduation

After even more crazy and ridiculously stressful couple of years full of lessons, coursework, revision and exams,

I finally graduated from university. Although my uni experience wasn’t great, at least I made it to the end.

23. Getting my second rabbit, Mickey

Mickey the rabbit in Emmas lap

After university, I felt very low and lonely. Therefore I decided to treat myself by getting a pet bunny. His name was Mickey and he was the cutest, softest and friendliest creature ever. Sadly he passed away last year but he will never be forgotten.

24. Seeing Harry Potter in the West End

In 2017, I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End. It was an incredible performance and I was lucky enough to get a touch tour and meet some of the cast.

25. Creating this blog

And finally, let’s not forget my proudest moment of the past 12 months, creating my blog. It is great fun to write, I am learning a lot of skills and appreciate all the support.

So there are my 25 favourite memories over the past 25 years. I hope the next 25 years brings more happiness, laughter love and achievements.

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