December 2018 Donations: Scope

Rock For Disability has been running for 12 months now and celebrating it’s 1st anniversary next week. It’s gained over 7250 blog hits and has over 1130 followers. Last month alone, it reached 1000 page views, making November the most popular month so far!

Blog stats - 1000 page views in november

However I’m keen to grow it further and that is where I need your help. If you love the work I’ve produced so far and eager to read more blog posts and view more features, then please donate to fund future blog resources. Running this blog does come at a financial cost and every donation given can help it continue to grow, expand and improve for you and all future readers to enjoy!

My aim for 2019 is to upgrade to a buisness account, meaning I have more access to WordPress features and plugins to improve the quality of my blog. In order to do this I need to raise £80. This is the equivilent of 16 people donating £5 o8 6 people donating £10.

In addition, I will be donating 20% of every donation made to my blog, to a disability charity. Every month I pick a charity that supports the lives of disabled people.

In November 2018, we raised £35 for Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB); a charitable organisation that provides support for people with sight loss.

Rnib - Emma, thank you for donating £35

In December 2018, I’ve chosen to donate the money to Scope, a charity that supports disabled people and their families.

Scope About DisabilityI chose Scope because last month they invited me to write a guest blog post for their Christmas feature which will be published later this month and I wanted to thank Scope for the opportunity by donatinng to them.

To donate, click on the PayPal link below and follow the instructions. One donation costs £5 but you are welcome to donate more if you wish. Every donation, large or small, can make all the difference to a disabled person’s life!

Please also like, comment, share and follow my blog. Every visitor I receive goes towards earning income too. So every visitor makes a difference to this blog!

Thank you for all your support and Merry Christmas!


Thank you for visiting Rock For Disability! If you enjoy reading my blog content, please consider supporting me by donating money to help fund future blog posts. Plus 20% of each donation will go to disability charities! ♿️🎸🎶🎵🤑😍❤️


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