10 Disability Horror Stories

Halloween isn’t just about ghosts, vampires and monsters. Real life can be just as scary too. Emma shares her experiences of disability horror stories, which are sure to give you nightmares!.


Review: Jeff Lynne’s ELO at The O2 Arena

  On  20th October, I went back in time to the world of 70’s rock music and experienced the electronic guitars, colourful lighting and orchestral magic of Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra. My discovery of this band was a rather strange story. Before the days of music streaming services, I used Apple iTunes to download… Continue reading Review: Jeff Lynne’s ELO at The O2 Arena

Catching up and counting down

As I write this sentence, I am sat in bed and it is 11:41pm on Thursday 25th October. So as you can gather this post is very Impromptu and not at all planned or scheduled – rookie blogger mistake! But to be fair I have spent most of this week researching more blogging strategies. So… Continue reading Catching up and counting down