Album Review: Erratic Cinematic by Gerry Cinnamon

Artist’s Name: Gerry Cinnamon

Genre: Indie rock, folk rock, acoustic blues & singer/songwriter

Founded: 2014

Originated From: Glasgow, UK

Discography: Erratic Cinematic (Album, 2017)


Although his debut album has been released for nearly a year now, I only came across Gerry Cinnamon when his single “Sometimes” was played on Radio X a month ago. I found this song to be so simple yet so outstanding. His music has a similar style as artists like Jake Bugg, James Bay and The Lumineers, but with his distinctive Scottish accent.

This album makes me feel relaxed and want to chill out but at the same time have a dance and sway my arms in the sunshine. It has a summery vibe and great festival-feel style.

Most of the songs have a smooth guitar rhythm, some basic drum beats and strong vocals by Cinnamon.

The use of the harmonica in What Have You Done gives a sense of country life, the outdoors and the simplistic side of music.

Another simplistic element is the whistling in the tracks Erratic Cinematic & Diamonds in the Mud.

Fortune Favours the Bold has easy sing along lyrics of “shoo-la-la-la” that I can imagine crowds joining in with at performances.

Themes within this album include social change, money, love, motivation and emotions.

What makes Gerry Cinnamon even more outstanding is the fact he is an independent artist who self-released his own album with no help from a record company:

“The only reason I’m in this game is because it’s full of imposters ruining music and my very existence annoys them and it pleases me. If you’re a working class musician hearing this or reading it and you respect the art of song writing more than the art of pretending then you have a responsibility to get involved. There’s a war on for real music and if you’re sound and can write decent tunes then you’re on the front line whether you like it or not.”

In addition he secured sold out tours in Scotland earlier this year plus slots at TRNSMT festival and RISE festival. Let’s hope he performs the southern festivals of Reading, Glastonbury and Victorious next year.

Gerry Cinnamon

If you love acoustic guitars, emotional songs and Scottish singers, then this is the record for you. The album Erractic Cinematic is available to download and stream everywhere.

To find out more about Gerry Cinnamon and his music, find him on Facebook.

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