Rock ‘n’ Roll vs The World: The Stigma of Rock Music

miss mephistopheles

Rock music isn’t the issue in society, it’s the laziness in understanding real problems people have.

A few years ago I found myself in a challenging position of constantly having to explain myself to people why I admire and appreciate artists such as Marilyn Manson. The more I would publicly express my admiration Manson (the singer), the more it instigated questions of “how could you be a fan of such a horrible person?”, or “you like Marilyn Manson? the man that promote school shootings and violence?,” and every time someone would say a statement like that I would find myself dumbfounded by why people, especially those of my own age, would believe the propaganda surrounding his name. No, this isn’t a defensive piece on Mr. Warner (his real name is Brian Hugh Warner), and all his actions,  or a heated argument on why Rock music is actually saintly because that…

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