5 songs that motivate me

Music is a powerful tool and there are many songs that motivate us:

Music is my one and only true best friend! It is always there with me, I have total faith in it & it never fails to give me happiness, encouragement and pure joy! 🎸🎶🎵😍❤️”

This was a Facebook status I wrote back in 2013 and those thoughts have stuck with me ever since. Having cerebral palsy and registered blind does come with its challenges, both physically and mentally. But music is what keeps me going. I listen to it everywhere; at home, in the car, when I’m working, on television, in films, at theatre productions and, of course, at gigs & festivals.

A powerful part of music is the lyrical aspect. Many songs bring hope, understanding, emotions, positivity and motivation. Therefore I want to share 5 songs that motivate me to become positive, look for success and except my life for what it is:

1. Iridescent by Linkin Park

Forget Disney’s Frozen, this song shows the real way to “Let It Go”. The late Chester Bennington shares how to deal with devastation and the frustrations of life and that you should perceive them differently and let go of the negatives. I can relate to this when dealing with the frustrations of my disability; particular when having difficult carers. I shouldn’t focus on the poor quality care but let the past go and look forward to the future and securing the care I need.

2. It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

This rock anthem pretty much sums up the motivational message quite simply; “It’s my life and it’s now or never, I don’t wanna live forever. I just wanna live while I’m alive. It’s my life”. For me, this means I don’t want to waste my time waiting for opportunities to happen or not bother enjoying life because I’m disabled. I want to make the most of life while I’m alive; gain qualifications, secure employment, share my experiences online, meet new people and create lasting relationships. I want to prove that you can still have an active life and achieve your dreams and goals with a disability.

3. The Show by Lanka

This song is on a more pop guilty pleasure scale. It is simple, bubbly and jolly. The lyrics signify that life and love can be difficult and complicated but you should enjoy it like a theatre or tv show.

4. Light It Up by Eliza and the Bear

This song has a feel-good vibe to it. When life becomes difficult or you have a bad day, this does sure lighten your mood. It bring determination to keep gong, beat your battles and no matter what, life can keep going.

5. Survival by Muse

This is my favourite rock anthem of this decade. Powerful, strong and motivating. It encourages you to battle through life barriers, conflict and both physical and mental hallenges, all in the knowledge you will survive in the end.

Have you listened to any songs that motivate you? Share them in the comments box or on social media.

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2 thoughts on “5 songs that motivate me

  1. Great blog and songs list.

    I find ‘Man Man – Hold on to your heart’ to be a motivational song.