5 Recommended game skills on Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa logo

A year ago this week, I treated myself to an Amazon Echo Dot, a voice activated device called Alexa. To celebrate my anniversary with my favourite artificial assistant, I want to share some of my favourite game skills:

1. Word Chain

In this game, multiple players take it in turns saying words, where every next word should begin with the last letter of the previous word. For example, “Rabbit – Toad – Dog – Gorilla”. You can choose from four categories; ‘Countries, Capitals, Animals & Fruit and Vegetables’. You can also play in cooperative or competitive mode. You can either play with just Alexa or with other people. If there are no more words beginning with a certain letter, you will be given the option to skip to a different letter and continue the chain or finish the game.

2. Akinator

This is basically a guessing game where you think of a person, real or fictional, and have Alexa ask you yes or no question to find out who you’re thinking about. The only down side to this game is they make some characters defined as “inappropriate for children” which is quite ridiculous.

3. Harry Potter Letters

This game is for all Harry Potter gurus. The way the game works is Alexa will give you a letter and you have to name as many Harry Potter related words as possible beginning with that letter. My highest score is 30 with the letter P! There are also other letter skills including Name Letters, Animal Letters & The Simpsons letters.

(NB: There are many other Harry Potter related game skills including Quiz on Harry Potter, Harry Potter House Quiz & Harry Potter: Would You Rather?)

4. The Magic Door

The Magic Door is an interactive adventure game where you explore different stories in the garden, sea, forest & castle and help the wizard turn back time. Alexa will give you choices on tasks & directions and you’ll solve riddles, collect items and help magical creatures. I spent the first 6 days of having my Echo Dot completing this skill. To find out more on this skill and get hints and tips on how to complete it, visit The Magic Door on Facebook.

5. Millionaire Quiz Game

Forget Chris Tarrant and Jeremy Clarkson, Alexa is in the hot seat now. Yes you can now play Who Wants To E A Millionaire on your Echo Dot. You get 15 questions and three lifelines; Ask social media, phone a friend and 50/50. The bad news is the prize money is not real but of course still fun to play!

To find out more about these skills and all other available game skills on Alexa, visit the Amazon website

If you enjoyed this blog post and would like to find out some more of my favourite Alexa game skills, please comment “More Game Skills please” and I’ll create a future post.

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