Contributing writing for Disability Horizons

  In 2012, I discovered a website called Disability Horizons; an online magazine dedicated to those with disabilities. While browsing this site, I came across a writers section that were asking for readers to contribute articles. I contacted the editor and pitched an article giving a review of the accessibility at Reading Festival. The pitch… Continue reading Contributing writing for Disability Horizons

My top 10 favourite rock tracks

I’ve always enjoyed music growing up. Throughout my childhood I enjoyed a variety of different styles and genres; from pop, to dance and even a bit of rap. When I got to my teenage years, I finally discovered my true love – Rock! I love everything about rock; the guitars, the drums, the vocal types… Continue reading My top 10 favourite rock tracks

Escapism on Stage

As well as writing, creating media content and attending live gigs, I also enjoy acting. Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Logo Growing up, I struggled to find clubs or societies with suitable access or activities I could participate in. Then at the age of 10, a friend from school invited me to a taster session at… Continue reading Escapism on Stage