Review: Kasabian at The O2 Arena


The final stop of my 2017 gig marathon was with Leicester boys Kasabian at The O2 Arena in London.

I was sat in the front of the disabled section on the ground floor, left of the stage, which was exciting. I was expecting the speakers to deafen me but it was surprisingly ok.

The screens had timers counting down to when Kasabian would begin which was convenient. I wish all concerts would have this so we know how much longer we need to wait and if there is time for another trip to the bar.

The show began with theme music from film studios; Disney, Universal & 20th Century Fox, which was amusing. The band then appeared in smart white suits (which was a great choice for my vision) and went straight into singing Ill Ray. 

Their entire performance was flawless, exactly how I know and love a Kasabian gig to be. They played all the hits including Underdog, Club Foot, Empire, Re-wired and Fire. Plus played tracks from their latest number 1 album For Crying Out Loud with singles Psycho &  Bless This Acid House.

My only minor criticism would be them not singing Praise You prior to L.S.F which they are known to do at live shows. Ironically on route home from the gig, Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You did play on the radio – spooky!

The best part of all was the crowd singing along to the ending of L.S.F. Being a part of it was magical and that it even continued during the encore and even when people were leaving the arena through the car park. It felt this gig would continue into the early hours of the morning. Best gig to end this year!

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